These days it's not too common we see concepts for concept's sake. Typically if you go to an auto show, you won't see a wacky vehicle that was designed purely to show what is possible. Now there's a reason for everything you see.

Once and a while though, something crazy pops up and things get exciting.

MINI Superleggera

This neatly brings us to our subject, the MINI Superleggera, that debuted at the Concorso d"Eleganza at Villa d'Este in Lake Como, Italy. Inspired by the Superleggeras of yore and also what is clearly some serious British influence, this is a stunning and good looking vehicle.

BUT, to really understand it, you need to see the work that went into this creation. Thankfully, BMW Group has provided us with a slew of images to show you the painstaking process of a coach-built concept. They just don't make them like they used to.

You'll see.

MINI Superleggera

BEHIND THE SCENES! Watch The MINI Superleggera Go From Concept To Reality

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