Check out this article picking the WORST car interiors of 2020?

In my opinion, this Bloomberg article analysis is on par with Michael’s performance on the campaign trail.

Here are the lowlights of their call on the Corvette.

“Witness the massive, curved divider that runs straight through the middle of the car. Lined with buttons and covered in low-grade leather, it looks like a part of the command helm on the starship Enterprise.”

Hannah, have you been in PREVIOUS Corvettes in order to appreciate what a massive improvement this is? Or say in a $75k Mustang?

“You’ll never be able to reach over and squeeze your driving partner’s knee or use the buttons on the angled center dashboard screen while the car is being driven.”

Hannah, not being able to squeeze a knee while you’re driving the best Corvette ever made matters why?

“But Audi, Ferrari, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz all make sports cars with excellent interiors. These, unfortunately, aren’t up to snuff.”

Which Audi, Porsche, MB sports cars aren’t at least 50-75k more in price? THEY SHOULD BE BETTER!

Lastly, have you been in a Subaru?

Thank GOD, you got ONE right on your list, the Fiat 500. There IS hope for you.

Chime in Spies and tell us YOUR list of WORST car interiors for 2020.

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Bloomberg Writer Picks The New Corvette In Their WORST Car Interiors For 2020? You WON'T Believe Some Of the Other BONEHEAD Picks As Well!

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