It's not uncommon for hot vehicles to sell for over MSRP at the wholesale dealer auctions for limited, short run editions like a Shelby, BMW M1, etc.

But what IS odd, is for a mainstream brand with below average cachet, to command OVER the original MSRP for a USED version.

Have you guessed which brand/model it is yet?

Put your seatbelts on...

It's the KIA Telluride!

Check out this one that just sold for close to 10k OVER MSRP USED!

And it's only the FWD version, not the fully loaded AWD version!

Are worlds colliding?

Tell us WHY you think this is happening? What does it have that is making people step up this high?

Spies, discuss...

Can YOU Guess WHICH Vehicle With A Sub 50k MSRP Is Selling USED For OVER Original MSRP At Dealer Auctions?

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