Two centuries ago Australia was a dumping ground for British and Irish criminals, more than 160,000 of whom were shipped Down Under before the last convict boat docked in January 1868. But now the country is at risk of becoming a dumping ground for a different kind of undesirable cargo.

Australia, along with Russia, Turkey, South Africa, India and several other countries, is being warned that its reluctance to switch to electric cars could result in it becoming a home for high-polluting cars. London-based think-tank Carbon Tracker says that as China, Europe and North America bring in tighter regulations forcing drivers to make the move to EVs, automakers could rely on nations with weak or non-existent decarbonization targets as locations to offload their old-tech, more-polluting cars.

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Countries That Do Not Adopt Green Initiatives Risk Becoming Dumping Grounds For ICE Vehicles

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