Toyota Mirai customer experience with the the challenges and limitations of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The tweet suggests that the car's owner discovered the impracticalities of hydrogen as a fuel source first-hand, leading to a negative perception of hydrogen-powered vehicles. This could be due to the limited availability of hydrogen refueling stations, high fuel costs, or the overall inefficiency of hydrogen as an automotive fuel compared to battery electric vehicles.

The hashtag #hydrogenscam implies that the person feels deceived or misled about the viability and practicality of hydrogen fuel for personal transportation. The use of the term "myth" further suggests that they now view hydrogen as an unrealistic or impractical solution for powering cars.

Overall, this tweet reflects the skepticism and disappointment that some consumers may feel towards hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, particularly in comparison to the rapidly advancing technology of battery electric vehicles. It underscores the need for more widespread infrastructure and cost-effective production methods for hydrogen fuel to become a viable option for personal transportation.

Customer Buys Hydrogen Toyota Mirai And Is Having MAJOR REMORSE. Do You Feel Sorry For Him?

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