The Tesla Cybertruck might be the most abused car model on the market, but it seems like the failure rate is higher than anyone expected. Many owners report catastrophic failures or being locked out of their vehicles. What do they have in common? They all start their story with, "I love Tesla and my Cybertruck, but..." 
Many new car models have teething problems, which is why it's good advice to never buy a new model in the first year after launch. Wait until software or hardware issues are ironed out and benefit from the improvements the carmakers make down the road. This way, you wouldn't need to say, "love X car model, but..." followed by an example of why everyone should stay away from said model.
This is not different regarding Tesla, which has made a "sell-now, fix-later" reputation. Early units rolling off the production lines often suffer from issues ranging from disappointing build quality to software issues and even structural problems in some cases. As production ramps up and the manufacturing process improves, these issues are solved, and the chances of getting a mature build improve.

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