Now, if you just saw the Detroit Auto Show's BMW 4-Series Concept Coupe's EXTERIOR, you'll probably want a look INSIDE as that was just as controversial as its skin. At least when I had to speak up about it.

While the interior is largely inspired from the 3-Series sedan -- who didn't see that coming -- there are some updates to its trim that is completely...well...out there. Take, for example, the braided leather that, to me, looks like its from a cowboy's belt. Not only is it on the door panels, it also makes an appearance on the seats. Even worse, the car's cupholders are braided as well.

The good news is that if you're holding out on actually buying a new 4-Series Coupe, this is 90 percent what the actual vehicle's interior will look like. Just use your imagination and pretend its interior will NOT be swathed in leather and its ceiling will not be Alcantara.

All else considered, we think this is essentially bang on.

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DETROIT AUTO SHOW EXCLUSIVE! First Real-Life Photos Of The All New BMW 4-Series Coupe Concept's INTERIOR!

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