In recent weeks we've been following the chatter over what Lexus is going to be unveiling at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS). Obviously it's going to be an F model, as evidenced by the teaser shots of a blue mean machine sporting an "F" badge.

Then came evidence of e-invites sent out to VIPs about an event that will let buyers get up close and personal with the all-new RC F on January 14 after the media days are over. Oh, and the website with the event's registration that we linked you to. The text of the website was changed to make it more vague but the damage had been done.

Even more revealing was the physical, hard copy invite that said the V8 motor under the RC F's hood will be producing 460 horsepower. That's more than enough get up and go, assuming that the torque figure isn't too far off that 460 mark.

Now we've got the best scoop yet: the FIRST complete image of the RC F.

Splashed across the Club F Facebook page, it's very clear that a Far East publication had access to the photos for a glossy magazine. You'll note there are more photos of the RC F that have been obscured and on the opposite page is the standard RC, of course, blurred out.

That said, we're pretty confident this is it. This doesn't appear to be a rendering and the details all line up with the teaser shots.

**Click HERE to see the FULL page.

DETROIT AUTO SHOW: LEAKED! FIRST FULL Image Of The Lexus RC F Snapped From Far East Publication — Is This IT?

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