When Toyota launched its F division with the IS F, we thought that there would be a flurry of great automobiles on the way. Turns out there was only two and a lineup of accessories. Finally the brand has gotten around to offering cars like the RX F Sport and LS F Sport that are a bit more becoming of the "F" nomenclature.

But in reality, there's a bit of a problem.

That's because the models with the F Sport packages are merely like Nissan's NISMO division — the cars are improved but only through suspension work, wheels/tires and some minor cosmetic touches. It's not like a BMW M or Mercedes-Benz AMG product that gets an entirely new motor and doesn't share much with the vehicle it is based on.

Now the IS F and LFA, on the other hand, are completely different stories. And with the GS F and RC F on the way, it appears that — finally — we'll start to see some more hardcore vehicles.

BUT there's one little thing that it appears Toyota is experimenting with. That would be its motorsports division, TMG. Not only is it going to be bringing a car to the Frankfurt Motor Show with that Yaris R Hybrid, it also has been seen testing cars like this special Lexus TS-650, which is based off the LS.

So, what would a TMG product be like? Well, if the TS is any indication things are looking up. Check out the following clip to get an idea of what Toyota has up its sleeve.

Hidden in deepest Germany is a workshop called TMG. TMG turns Toyotas in to racing cars usually, but this time it's turned a Lexus in to a cruise missile for the road.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: Toyota's TMG Lexus LS — Could TMG Be The NEXT AMG?

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