When I first saw this, I thought it was someone in a Halloween costume PRETENDING to be Lady Gaga and make a feeble attempt to get votes for Joe Biden.

But when I researched it, it was REALLY her! The REAL Lady Gaga.

And I pondered how this is how she thought would be the best way to get people to vote Biden? By INSULTING and STEREOTYPING hard working American's as hick, uneducated pickup drivers/buyers who just chug beer all day?


Hey Gaga, these people make our country RUN and they also buy your music and go to your concerts. And who are actually PROUD to be an American. Is this how LOW you think of them? And how much smarter and better YOU think you are compared to them? this is your attempt to UNITE people like you say you want the candidates to do?

I don't care who you vote for but celebrities who pull stuff like that show who they really are. They're not the tolerant people full of love that they claim to be. They're bitter, depressing humans.

Of course, twitter is letting her know what an ass she has made of herself.


Did Lady Gaga Just INSULT ALL Of Middle America And Swing State Voters In This LAME Attempt To Get Them To Vote Biden?

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