So, finally the covers have been removed from Land Rover Range Rover's all-new Sport. We've been keeping an eye on it as it went through its developmental period and we — more or less — saw this coming.

If you followed along with us, even though the vehicles had heavy camouflage wraps, it was clear that the front AND rear lights would be a little bit Evoque-inspired. Now though it's patently obvious that there is quite a bit of Evoque inspiration.

And there's only one REAL question we have to ask about that: WHY?

While we LOVE the Evoque's cutting-edge design and futuristic look, the thing that made the Range Rover Sport so lovable was it kept that traditional Range Rover look. This, frankly, seems to bring it down a notch from my perspective.

It just is missing that brutish charm the old product had.

That said, we're curious what the general consensus is out there...

Did Land Rover Range Rover MESS UP the all-new Sport? Is it too soft? If YOU could change anything, what would it be?

Did Land Rover Range Rover MESS UP The All-New SPORT?

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