"We know the new Land Rover Defender pretty well by now. The fact it managed to live up to the tidal wave of hype before its reveal says a lot - it’s pretty blooming spiffing.

The main criticism? “Launch versions are too posh and high-spec to be true workhorses,” to directly quote our new Defender review. Issues which are kinda fixed by what you see here. It’s the Defender Hard Top, and it’s to all intents and purposes the Defender commercial vehicle the true nerds will get most excited for.

The Hard Top name dates back to 1950, to give the Defender van some proper retro credibility given that’s likely what a lot of buyers are queuing up for. Prices start at £35,500 before VAT (it’s a commercial vehicle, after all) which is around five grand less than a regular, five-seat Defender 90, though the Hard Top could end up being a couple of grand more if you’re a private buyer adding the VAT back on."

Do you like this version BETTER than the more plush models? We gotta say we love the retro white steelie wheels.

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Does The Commercial 'STRIPPIE' Land Rover Defender Hard Top Look BETTER Than The More Plush Versions?

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