What’s good for America isn’t necessarily good for your friends across the pond – at least that is the central message to an urgent call to action from the EU this week against what it sees as “discriminatory” tax credits and incentives against European and Asian carmakers in the groundbreaking new Inflation Reduction Act. 


President Biden’s flagship act provides tax credits on EVs produced in the US, Canada, and Mexico, all in a move to help make EVs more affordable and accessible to lower-income households and reduce carbon emissions. In addition, the IRA requires EV batteries, which are mostly now produced with minerals and battery cells imported from China, be made in North America, with at least half of all EV batteries coming from the region by 2024, and 100% by 2028. While this is meant to move business out of China, countries with their own vibrant EV industries, as in Europe and South Korea, say they too could be dealt a mighty blow. 

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EU Joins The Asians In Declaring Biden's Inflation Reduction Act As Discriminatory

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