Have you been seeing the new on the Chevy Bolt everywhere?

There are a few types of stories.

1. GM is offering 6k to owners who PROMISE NOT to sue them.
2. News on the backup of cars at dealers waiting for the recall (new battery packs) items to be handled
3. Sales offers and outlets bragging about HOW CHEAP a Bolt is right now with the 6-9k off deals.

So let us add one to the mix...

Have YOU tried to take advantage of that rebate deal and try to buy one recently?

Well today, we mad some call and tried to see IF the deals were REAL and IF there were actual cars available.

And GUESS WHAT? EVERY dealer we called said sorry, we CAN'T sell the ones we have because of a NEW problem.

The owners cars are waiting for new battery packs in the recall and the NEW inventory all need new computer modules and UNTIL they get them, they can't be sold.

What's the issue THIS time on the newest inventory?

Battery issues that require a computer module replacement.

When we asked when their inventory would be updated with the new modules we were told "GM sends us ONE set of parts for new inventory for every 17 Bolts. 16 go to fix owner recall issues and ONE goes to a new unit. The salespeople all told us it would be a while when any would be available and it would only be one here and one there and NOT to expect any large amount of units coming available anywhere.

So spies tell us. HOW, will GM BEAT Tesla if they can't even get THIS fiasco in order?


EXCLUSIVE: Chevy Bolt Sales ON-HOLD AGAIN? How On EARTH Will Mary Beat Tesla When They Can't Even Get This One Right?

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