It is pretty amazing some of the stuff that comes across our desk and this time is no exception.  Audi is already looking ahead and loading the gun for yet another record year and we are only halfway through 2015.  How do we know this? Because we already have the 2016 Model Year port release dates and the heat has to be on to the dealers to clear out the remaining 2015 inventory as soon as possible.

Why should you believe us?
Just look below at our EXCLUSIVE scoop of the 2016 Audi MY release dates and you will see that more than a few of these 2016 models are arriving in the port THIS month! 

This means you will see inbound arrivals ready to hit the dealerships in a matter of days.

So if you are pondering a new Audi purchase you now have the inside scoop on a deal of a lifetime on a 2015 model, or be the first on block with a brand new shiny 2016.

Happy Hunting!

EXCLUSIVE LEAK! Wondering WHEN New Audi's Like The Q7 Will Officially Hit The Dealers ? We TELL You!

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