You know how James Bond always seems to have incredible luck in almost every situation he's involved in?

Well Agent 001 seems to have the same touch when he's out and about testing and spying new cars.

During today's drive of the new BMW 335 in Italy, Austria and Germany, 001 and  Automotive News editor Diana Kurylko, accidentally ran into what was either the next 5, Progressive Activity Sedan or both testing in the Alps.

The car/cars eluded us after our first run in, taking off in a hurry in the other direction but Agent 001 had the last laugh, as he used his uncanny spy sense to hunt down the vehicle down again, in one of the towns in Austria.

That's where we got close up to the one car and were able to snap the detailed shots.

And when you look close...I think it could be two different camo cars that I photographed!

Which vehicles do you think they are and if one is the PAS, do you think it will be a success if they bring it to the USA?

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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Did 001 Spy The Next BMW 5-Series, Progressive Activity Sedan Or Both?

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