Hundreds of EcoBoost F150 owners in states with high humidity are reporting problems with engine shudder, stalling, and power loss.

According to our investigation, the problem is caused by condensation forming inside the air intake tubing, specifically inside the Charge Air Cooler.

Evidently, on trucks driven in humid climates, there is sufficient condensation to cause the engine to shudder or stall during acceleration, and some F150 owners have even reported that their engine has dropped into "limp" mode immediately after a shudder or stall occurs.

While Ford has offered a fix (which consists of an engine programming update and a shield designed to drain water away from the engine), it's too early to tell if this fix works.

Additionally, the long-term effect of water ingestion on all the effected EcoBoost engines is unknown.

Read the article for more info, including videos from an F150 owner suffering from this problem.

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EcoBoost F150 Owners Experiencing Engine Problems: Shudder, Stalling, and Loss of Power

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