After many years of promises from industry leaders like Elon Musk, a true autonomous vehicle remains a fantasy. In the 2010s, we were constantly promised a world in which your car would become your personal chauffeur, taking you from point A to B all on its own while you napped, read books, or caught up on emails. Musk himself has promised that a full self-driving Tesla would be available within no more than a year or two – nearly every year for the past ten. It's a tantalizing vision, since driverless cars could reduce accidents, discourage drunk driving, and even make cars more accessible for people with disabilities. However, as players like Apple and Google have massively backed off their own self-driving car ambitions, many drivers are left to wonder if those promises will ever become reality. In the meantime, far from saving lives, self-driving cars have led to fatal accidents.


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Engineer Explains Why Automakers Are Backing Off Self Driving Technology

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