At the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show, Maserati unveiled the Kubang Concept, which is its sport-utility vehicle offering.

Always known as a brand that has built sports cars, it looks like Maserati is following a move from Porsche's playbook in that it will use an SUV to "Go mainstream." But is that a bad thing?

Think: Porsche was scrapping by with sales of its sports cars but it wasn't until the Cayenne that it became an extremely popular brand, in terms of sales. Sure, everyone knew about Porsche but not THAT many actually drove them.

With that said, now there are major expansion plans for Stuttgart's favorite sports car maker.

Could this be Maserati's gameplan, leading off with the Kubang?

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FRANKFURT MOTOR SHOW: If Maserati Builds The Kubang, Will It Make The Brand More MAINSTREAM - Is That A Good/Bad Thing?

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