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With a windshield that’s w-a-y longer than its roof, Citroen’s new C3 is sure to stand out among the hordes of small hatchbacks that crowd the streets of European cities. The 53-inch long piece of glass, officially dubbed Zenith, will be fitted to 50 percent of C3s built, estimates Citroen product development chief Thomas d’Haussy. This will be a lot of cars. The previous generation C3 sold a neat 2 million over its eight-year life.

Zenith, which will be standard in high-grade C3 models and a (Euro 400) option in most others, makes the new incarnation of Citroen’s best-seller a lighter and brighter experience. The huge expanse of glass, the rearmost foot of it progressively tinted, creates a forward view that feels more bubble-cabin helicopter than car.

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