Since we started in 2002, we've reported on some great rides, some not so great ones and ones that might have been good but were rejected by the marketplace.

Three that come to mind that must have looked brilliant on paper in the boardrooms are the Mercedes R-class, BMW GT Turismo and the VW Phaeton.

But for today's article we are going to focus on the VW Phaeton.

A "certain friend" of in Germany floated this photo of the supposed next gen version of the car today.

We don't have to go into much detail about the original Phaeton because the entire world knows although it was a nice car, it flopped miserably.

And isn't it funny and coincidental that the ONLY media outlet that predicted it WOULD flop PUBLICLY was

Our exact quote in our first review was "VW's Phaetal Mistake".

I'd love to tell you that the major auto media outlets weren't SMART enough to predict it but that would be untrue.

They just did what they do BEST and that is to KEEP QUIET because YOU DON'T matter to them.

All they car about are the AD DEALS and the REGAL treatment they receive from the manufacturers in return for them zipping their lips.

Here is an exact quote from an old time glossy auto mag writer from a recent press trip I was on...

When I asked them how do they review a car they don't like or that they think will be a flop without offending the manufacturer, the answer was quick and simple...We just state the facts. End of story.

Our promise is that we'll NEVER do that to you.

We started this company based on ONE overriding philosophy.

To PROTECT car buyers everywhere,

We will NEVER sell our out our opinions no matter how many benefits are put in front of us.


YOU made us what we are today and we want to have a 20th and 30th and 40th anniversary.

So we will always be on your side as long as I own the place.

Now back to the discussion about the next gen VW Phaeton.

I must admit we are extremely puzzled WHY they would ever bring another one back to market after the results with the first one.

No matter HOW good it was or HOW good the next one will be.

If I were VW, I would make a great RWD 3-Series killer (easier said than done). WAY more upside brand wise and potential sales wise than a large luxo-boat.

How do you feel about this?

Spies, discuss...

Also, tune in tomorrow afternoon at 3PM PT for a GRAND announcement.

First Look At The Next VW Phaeton. After Its History, WHY Would You Make Another?

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