One of the first blog comments during the Geneva Motor Show was, 001 how is the new Mercedes E-class coupe in person?

I wanted to answer right away like I normally do but I knew this article was in the works so I hope it will have been worth the wait.

First, I'll say is that it looks larger and more attractive than the press photos make it out to be.

It has a much larger appearance than the utterly lame last generation CLK, one of the worst looking MB's in my lifetime.

I owned two of the previous generation CLK's (2001 and 2003) and I though that not only was it one of the best looking cars to come from Stuttgart but I also believe collectors will always keep it in high regard.

But in my opinion, they went WAY wrong on this last car.

At best, it looked like an average looking Honda Accord coupe.

So I'm very pleased to say the E-class coupe has brought back elegance and style back into the equation of this car model.

And it was very smart to dump the CLK moniker in favor of the E-Class Coupe.

It just sounds more exclusive and expensive.

But does this new E trump the design of two cars that are aguably the best looking coupes EVER to come out of their workshops, the Audi A and BMW 3 Coupes.

And to those waiting out there in land waiting for a yes answer to this question, you won't get it from me today.

After looking intently at all of these cars, this is my ranking on design alone.

1. Audi A5
2. BMW 3
3. Mercedes E-Class Coupe

They are ALL good looking cars but I honestly think the Audi has the goods here, followed extremely closely by the BMW and then the E-Class Coupe.

In my eyes the Audi has the most unique combination...mystique, sex appeal, elegance, youth, freshness, timelessness.

The BMW also has all those attributes but gets nosed out mainly becuause of the fresher face the Audi wears with the LED's. and a little more refined rear.

So where does the new E-Class coupe miss out.

1. It's TOO styled- They are trying too hard here to make a statement and it shows.
2. The lower hockey stick LED's on the front bumper are a direct copy of Audi and look out of place.
3. The rear taillights resemble to many anonymous asian cars from generations past.
4. I don't like all the waterfall style center stacks inside they are using, ala GLK.
5. I also am not fond of the small vent style window at the rear of the coupe's roof.

Where is the E-Class the strongest?

My favorite part of the car is the way they have done the four-place seating inside and how the seats are formed. They look more expensive than the seats in the Audi AND BMW.

And you can also see from the design that the convertible will have a retractable roof.

I think that will excite and conquest a lot of traditional SL customers and convertible fans.

But al that said this car is a BILLION times nicer than the last CLK so it will sell to the faithful.

I like it, I just don't like it more than the Audi and the BMW.

But I COULD get really excited it they made a E63 Coupe/Convertible.

And remember, I'm ONLY critiquing design here, not performance or driving dynamics.

What are your thoughts?

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GENEVA MOTOR SHOW: Does The New E-Class Coupe Design Trump Audi And BMW?

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