I remember the first time I saw the first sport package on a BMW 3-Series.

I loved the way they modified the car with the different lower body kit, wheels, seats and steering wheel.

The second I saw it, I said to myself that I would get it the next time I ordered a car.

Because it made the car look 'special' and set it apart from the regular 3's.

It also allowed me to have something different enough that everyone noticed that my car was unique, in comparison to the others driving around town.

But today, the sport package on the 3-Series is about as unique as seeing calamari or tiramisu on a restaurant menu.


Seems like you never see a 3 without it.

Well, so much for being unique and special.

BMW then offered the even more unique 'Performance Package' on the last 3 that added alcantara and some really fine interior touches.

They sold every one they could make and to this day, people are searching them out on the used market and will pay a heavy premium to get one.

Which brings me to the point of this article.

The Roundel has been teasing us at auto shows (see article photos) with Tii package rumors and they even offer a cool performance package through their parts and service departments that harkens back to the one they offered as a factory option on the last 3.

Well, I've seen the parts and service one a few shows now but here is the problem.

When you have it put on at the dealer, in my opinion (and many other buyers), it's NEVER the same and when they make it a factory order item, it is ALWAYS cheaper.

We say it's time to take the performance package and start offering it as a factory option.

And we say they call it the 'M Sport PLUS' package.

We think there are quite a few people who would bypass the plain sport package and spend the extra dough to make their lower end model look more 'M' like.

Do you agree with us?

If it was an extra $2,000 over the price of the sport package would YOU go all the way and order your 3 that way?

I know I wouldn't have to think for more than a second before I told my dealer to add it to my order.

Think the 335i sport is great?

Well, a 335i M Sport plus would be even better.

Maybe BMW needs to take a page out of the MINI playbook and offer more factory customization from the factory?

Let us know if we're on to something here....

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2009 Geneva Motor Show Photo Gallery

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GENEVA MOTOR SHOW: Is It Time For BMW To Make Their 3-Series Sport Package More Unique?

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