You read some CRAZY stuff on social media and across the internet.

Everytime you read something OUT THERE you think could it get ANY weirder?

Well, the answer my friends is not blowing in the wind but plain and simple. And the answer is YES!

No matter how crazy the statement, another is right around the corner.

This morning it came from a PR employee at GM about electric vehicles. Oh, there are plenty others out there but we focus on cars so this one jumped out at me.

Here is a screenshot of the post...

Now I know he works in PR but to say "because in EVERY way, electric-powered cars, trucks and suv's are BETTER than gas-powered" is QUITE a stretch. In fact, some might say for someone to say they know about cars and truly BELIEVE that statement speaks volumes about their understanding of this business. It's one thing to say I LIKE them better than gas powered vehicles but as an employee of a car manufacturer that makes A LOT of gas powered vehicles, you wonder if any actual thinking was behind the statement.

I'd love to know how in EVERY way they are better. Because they keep coal workers employed? Because they would lessen the amount of cars on the road because most people can't afford the high prices of electrics?

I'm also wondering if he's ever heard of CNG which has many advantages to electric. Oh, and btw, for less than $4500 per car, every existing car and truck on the planet could be converted to CNG. Kind of how they do it in Iran to their citizens, so they can sell all the oil they manufacture.

So Spies, tell us...Is he RIGHT about electrics or should we start a GoFundMe account to get him some free visits to a talented and qualified shrink?

Spies, discuss...

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