General Motors dealers are now offering an Internet router for selected vehicles in its Buick, Cadillac, GMC and Chevrolet lineup. Autonet Mobile of San Francisco supplies this device that creates a Wi-Fi hotspot that extends 150 feet within and around the vehicle.

A survey says that 90% of customers prefer browsing the net over watching movies. For now, this feature is available only on vehicles most likely utilized by families such as GM vans, SUVs, crossovers and trucks. The driver can stream Internet radio stations while rear-seat passengers can use laptop computers, game players and other portable devices. In a statement, Sterling Pratz, CEO of Autonet Mobile, said that customers want to be able to access Facebook, YouTube and FlyCast Internet radio while inside the car. It’s also a terrific way for business owners to stay connected.

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General Motors planning to offer WiFi hotspots on some of its vehicles

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