Years ago, who would have thought that two of the most prominent names in factory tuners -- M GmbH and Quattro GmbH -- would produce little giants? The 1M and RS3, respectively.

Although it can be said that these two aren't exactly competitors, as one has a dual-clutch gearbox, the other has a full-on manual, the Audi is a hatch while the 1M is a coupe, etc, we think they share some things in common.

Namely the two P's: price and power.

If you want to see how they stack up, side-by-side, click the link "Read Article" and let us know which car strikes YOUR fancy.

Who would you take home, the 1M or RS3?

While we're all still drooling over the unveiling of the 1-Series M Coupe, some might wonder how it will fare against what will possibly be its biggest rival - the Audi RS3. We can already hear some moaning 'coupe vs hatchback, RWD vs AWD and manual vs double clutch' to stress both cars aren't even rivals, but look at the specs to see that both are pretty close in power, size and price. Enough said, here it is, all pictures and information you need to make up your mind about this 'fight'...

[Source: 1addicts]

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HEAD-To-HEAD, Audi And BMW's Little Giants Square Off

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