Honda sales continue to demonstrate extraordinary balance with the strong performance of both cars and trucks. Civic continued its industry leadership of passenger cars, while trucks gained again with America’s “Best SUV brand” strengthened by the all-new Passport.  

  • Civic sales continue unabated with 28,436 units sold in April, a gain of 0.1% for the industry’s leading car nameplate.
  • Passport sales totaled 2,907 vehicles as the new marketing campaign helps build momentum for Honda’s newest SUV.
  • Electrified vehicle sales posted yet another month over 5,000 units, led by the Honda Insight and Accord Hybrid and the Clarity Plug-in Hybrid.

Acura sales pushed against the softening market with Acura trucks remaining strong, led by another big gain for RDX, and ILX posting a double-digit increase.

  • RDX, the reigning sales leader in its segment, posted an 11th consecutive month of increased sales, climbing 17.3% to 4,926 units in April.
  • ILX continued to bring new customers to the brand as Acura’s gateway sedan posted a strong 13.8% gain on sales of 1,152 vehicles.

Honda Sales Stagnate In April - Acura Loses 1.7% In Spite Of Strong SUV Sales

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