We've all heard the soundbytes about the GM bankruptcy but what you DON'T hear, is HOW LONG WILL WE THE TAXPAYERS OWN GM, before we can get out and IF we will ever get the money back.

Just small small facts they choose to omit when the media covers this ;)

But could Amtrak give us the most accurate clue?

Here's a little fact you may not know about...

Back in the 70's when Amtrak was nationalized the current President said for three years it might lose some money and then it will be TOTALLY self sustaining.

Er, we STILL own it and it loses money EVERY year!

Get ready for a LONG haul before we get this GM money off our back, if EVER. Photo Galleries

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How Long Will US Taxpayers Own GM? Amtrak Is A Sobering Clue To The Next Economic Train Wreck

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