In any all-new vehicle press release, one of my least favorite lines goes something like, "Pricing and more details will be covered closer to the vehicle's xx launch." I understand that this usually is done to take into account for a more palatable price due to exchange rates, but still.

This past week our friends on Volkswagen dropped another all-new product on us. Dubbed the Atlas Cross Sport, it follows a similar concept from the 2018 New York Auto Show (NYIAS).

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Considering the seven-seater Atlas starts at about $31,000, it seems like it would make sense if the base variant of the Cross Sport retails around $33-34,000/unit — at least to me. Having said that, this made me wonder: Just how much should this sport-utility vehicle retail for? In fact, what's the MOST a reasonable person would pay for it?

So, Spies, what say you? Considering the Cross Sport is a poor man's Audi Q8, what's the top dollar you'd pay for this all-new VW?

2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport

How Much Is The MAX You'd Pay For The Poor Man's Audi Q8, The VW Atlas Cross Sport?

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