Best Motoring Lap Time, Grip and Drift Test VIDEO

Several cars that include the M3 and IS-F

M3 is first, IS-F is around the 14 min mark.

Lap time - 105.817

Grip - 100

Drift - 98.5

Lap time - 107.387

Grip - 88

Drift - 90

The M3 was over 1.5 sec faster around the track.

The M3 is turning out to be one of best M3 ever, some Bimmer lovers had their doubts about putting in a V8.

The M3 just scored a 0.98g by Road&Track on the skidpad and 71.4 mph. Now the M3 scores a perfect 100 on grip by Best Motoring, and near perfect score on the drift 98.5.

Best Motoring is Japan's preeminent automobile magazine, video, and DVD series. So there is no bias.

And each car used the same drivers, one driver does the lap time and grip test, while another does the drift.

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IS-F  M3   Lap time, Grip, Drift Challenge

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