Check out the latest imagineered Audi from Theophilus Chin. Earlier this week we featured his take on a B8 RS 4 with the latest facelift changes and now he's put together a production-looking 2-door take on the A3 sedan concept shown last spring in Geneva.

So What Do We Think?
First and foremost, Chin's re-working of the A3 sedan takes it in a more production-looking direction, which helps envision the car. Audi design boss Stefan Sielaff said the production A3 sedan will be just a bit taller than the A3 concept and this appears to have the more aggressive proportions of the show car. Also, it retains the frowning lower intakes with aluminum trim at the front that likely hint at the next-gen RS 3's own appearance... but that's a guess on our part.

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