OK, let's admit it.

We've all been on a high in amazement because of the Infiniti Essence surprise at the Geneva Motor Show last week.

That was one stunningly beautiful concept and we learned it will make it to the marketplace in 2010.

But it certainly won't be a high volume seller for them.

So it got me thinking as I thought of the Infiniti brand as a whole, what does Infiniti really have outside of the successful G-Series lineup to keep them above water?

Yes, they have the M, FX, EX and QX but NONE of those are really setting sales numbers on fire.

And in THIS economy, these model sales are really showing their vulnerability.

The G-Series is really the ONLY high volume product anchoring the brand.

God forbid that those sales take a nosedive.

So our questions today are:

1. What other products do they have coming that WILL sell in volume
2. And if they don't, could they find themselves in serious trouble six or 9 months out if things don't turnaround?

They announced everything in their lineup will go hybrid but will they sell in large quantities or will they get to dealers fast enough to make a legitimate impact?

Sound far fetched?

Not in this brutal economy.

ANYTHING is possible.

Let us know your thoughts...

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If Infiniti Doesn't Come Up With Another High Volume Seller Like the G-Series, Are They The Next Company To Sink?

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