Recently, Jetour released pictures of its T-1 off-road SUV conducting winter tests. The T-1 will have its public debut in April 2023 at the Shanghai Auto Show. Five gasoline-powered models and two hybrid models will be available for pre-sale then with a price range of 149,800 – 186,800 RMB (22,100 – 27,600 USD) and 196,800 – 206,800 RMB (29,100 – 30,600 USD), respectively. It is also expected to officially launch in the third quarter of this year.?

Jetour is an SUV brand under Chery Automobile, making stylish cars aimed at a young audience. Jetour is expanding fast, the brand sells 13 different SUVs now including one fully electric car.

The new T-1 was previewed by the Jetour T-X concept, which was later renamed to Jetour T-1. The main competitor of the Jetour T-1 is the Tank 300, the car that really started the off-road craze in China.

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