Another 'no feel' comment? Inside Line said it. Should BMW drop the new electric steering?

"The 2011 BMW 535i is the most radically different 5 Series for this, the sixth generation (F10 for the BMW geeks) of the venerable not-too-big/not-too-small midsize BMW sedan with a new engine, new suspension and a new eight-speed automatic.

Handling Comments: Slalom: With DSC off in Sport, the tires were the limiting factor. Good balance between understeer/oversteer and good steering response but not enough ultimate grip to make it all work. In Sport + DSC on, the brakes would grab abruptly just as I approached a cone (expecting a little slide), so I had to back down the speed to keep from being pulled into cones by DSC. Skid pad: hard to balance/steer on the line with boost varying wildly -- requires constant steering with DSC off. With DSC on (Sport +) it requires virtually no steering, and throttle was more consistent (obviously being managed by computer), steering weight was appropriate, but almost no feel.".

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