Whenever something bad happens, there’s always someone who benefits from it. Caught a cold? The medics are there for you, but at a cost, and they’ll happily recommend a pill or two so that the pharmaceutical companies can join in on the party as well.

Strangely enough, the saying holds its worth the other way around as well: whenever something good happens, there are those who bemoan it, even though, for obvious reasons, they might be a little reluctant to show it. I mean, it’s like saying you don’t like Christmas - it’s one of those things that spells social suicide.

Let’s say you and I have never been involved in a traffic incident - that doesn’t mean we can’t be happy about the fact that the autonomous cars come with a promise for a drastically reduced number of accidents. It’s just the kind of prospect on which we should all be able to agree it’s a good thing.

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