It wasn't too long ago that we were discussing the most underrated vehicles of 2013. It's a highly contentious topic because everyone thinks they're onto something; however, the reality is that there are probably a couple of cars that are grossly overlooked.

For some reason, the Dodge Dart is one of those products.

I've had the chance to drive it and to keep this brief I will say it really is a top-notch vehicle. It does just about everything well and it is a HUGE step up for Chrysler. The Dart has a bit of attitude and from my experience a bit of that Italian flair that makes the Fiat 500 so lovable.

So how is it that cars like the Chevrolet Cruze, Honda Civic and Ford Focus are blowing it out of the water from a sales perspective? Typically speaking we understand right away but this one seems to be a fluke.

If it were my money in this class I wouldn't even consider the others; however, the Chevrolet Cruze raked in approximately 55,000* units sold, the Ford Focus sealed the deal on 62,000* sold, and the Honda Civic rang the register with 72,000* moved off lots.

The Dart? About 23,000* units purchased.

*Please note that all these figures are year-to-date thru the end of March 2013.

If you take ONE second to click "Read Article" and see the Dart for sale at a price of $16,000 you have to wonder HOW is that possible.

That said, what say you, Spies?

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Is THIS The Best Car For $16K? WHY Do YOU Think The Dodge Dart Isn't Selling MORE?

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