Although it has yet to go on sale officially, the 2011 Honda Odyssey is one of those cars that seems to have a target on its back.

You know, with arrows already sticking out of it.

Like its sibling, the Insight Hybrid, it seems the press is just giving this car a beating. Not so sure, just click "Read Article" to see the horrid things the press has already said.

Take, for example, one press member's headline, which was "2011 Honda Odyssey pricier, fancier - uglier?" Does it get much more brutal than that?

With that said, is the 2011 Honda Odyssey on a path to failure or do YOU think it will defy the odds?

When a new car is unveiled to the public, the thousands of decisions that went into its conception often get lost in the hullabaloo -- along with the identities of the people who made them.

These are the experts who decide what the car should look like, what features it should have, and how many will be sold and at what price -- and do it three or four years before it reaches the market. As part of the process, they've studied the competition, vetted parts suppliers, and learned what makes their customers tick -- and then made some educated guesses.

They are the product planners, and their job today is more difficult than ever. The market is crowded and competitive, product segments are being redefined, and the choices they have to make have expanded exponentially....

[Source: CNN Money]

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Is The 2011 Honda Odyssey Going To Be A Sales SUCCESS or BUST?

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