I just finished texting 00R asking him what he's up to for Memorial Day Weekend and he tells me he's testing a new 2020 Aston Vantage ($192k MSRP).

So while on the subject of sports cars I threw this one out to him...I love Astons and the like but in my honest opinion, there is no better sportscar UNDER $150k BETTER than just a stock Carrera S PDK.

Yes PDK, NOT manual. I know manuals are hot with the US hipster crowd but why on earth would you mess up a Porsche purchase and buy the SLOWER one?

I know, but 001 I haven't kissed a girl in years so I need SOMETHING that gives me a rise. BULLSH_T I say.

Ask any REAL race car driver and they'll tell you if they get a day on the ring and they can choose between a GT2/GT3 to just drive for FUN, they're taking the stock 'S' with PDK. Big deal, its a FEW seconds slower but at the end of the day you've had a blast and your body doesn't feel like you went ten with Tyson.

And the other can daily drive the 992 and no one looks at you like they would in a Lambo thinking who on earth is THAT doucher that just drove by? You're under the Ed Hardy radar in the 911.

So tell me where I'm going wrong here?

Spies, discuss...

Is The STOCK Porsche Carrera S The BEST Sports Car On The Planet UNDER $150K?

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