You can't build a car without hundreds of people. Engineers, designers, company management - even accountants - are involved in the process of building a car. From the first design to the first vehicle rolling off the line, hundreds of people have a chance to raise their hands and say "UH, doesn't anyone else think this car is ugly?"

Which is why Jeep's ugly-as-sin 2014 Cherokee is such a big problem. If a vehicle that has been universally panned can make it all the way through Chrysler-Fiat's design process, than the process is BROKEN.

Which is why I say that the 2014 Cherokee could be Jeep's Aztek - the ugly vehicle that symbolized major dysfunction and ultimately predicted Pontiac's demise.

Even if this ugly little SUV isn't the forebearer of Jeep's doom, it's clear that there are big problems at Chrysler-Fiat. The 2014 Cherokee is the proof.

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Jeep's Ugly 2014 Cherokee is Evidence of Big Problems at Chrysler-Fiat

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