When this article came to me, I instantly remembered the famous quote that Henry Ford said – “You can have it any color you like, as long as it’s black.” You probably wonder why? Well, with a price of $1.9 million for this supercar that quote loses all of its meaning. Again, you probably ask why? Well, with that astronomical price the Italian automaker made sure that with the premium price all of their Centenario’s 40 customers must get a premium treatment, meaning that they can choose their own paint finishes and accents.
If you recall, nearly a month ago Lambo delivered the first Centenario, and in a very short period we already have a video of it driving around open roads, and we see it nowhere else than the city of lights. This particular piece is hosting a matte white finish with red, white, and green striping, and blue body accents, which is pretty nice and tasteful if we might add.

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Lamborghini Centenario Spotted in Paris and It Looks Awesome! (Video)

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