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Basically, the Volkswagen Phaeton is somewhat outclassed by the Lexus LS. The Lexus performs better and offers more for the money. Initially the VW Phaeton gains points for a cheaper base price - but adding all the options is expensive and in the end, you have a car that can cost more than the LS460. The LS460 comes standard with many features and only a few options you need to pay extra for like the collision avoidance system.

Where the VW Phaeton gains is in ride comfort. Both the VW and Lexus are nearly equal in this department. The Lexus is quieter on the inside however, total isolation from the outside world as AMS calls it. Both suffer from poor comfort on rough roads as both suspensions do a terrible job of absorbing the shocks. Both suspensions are also noisy on rough roads.

Engine wise, the weaker 4.2 V8 from the Phaeton does pretty well against the LS 4.6 V8. It's just as refined and it actually offers more grunt in midrange power than the Lexus, which has a 35-hp / 63 Nm advantage. Both cars were surprisingly "slow". The Phaeton took 7.7 seconds to reach 100 km/h while the Lexus needed 7 seconds. The LS offered better fuel economy, it also weighs considerably less and is not AWD. AMS was questioning the point of the 8-speed automatic when it didn't seem to offer a clear advantage over the 6-speed of the Phaeton.

Interior wise, both interiors are rated as high though AMS feels the LS interior does not look very classy and some materials look a bit cheap. The ergonomics of the LS interior were also slightly inferior to those of the VW Phaeton.

The Lexus LS460 had the victory in its hand - and yet lost it. Here's why. The brakes are slow to respond and they're stopping power is not as good as those from the Phaeton and other cars in this class. Handling was another aspect where the LS460 did poorly. The suspension is too soft and the steering feel is too lifeless. The heavier Phaeton handles better and has a more direct steering feel despite also being a car aimed at chauffeurs. Furthermore, Europeans like to take their top luxury cars on long journeys, often with the family. The Lexus LS460 has a very small practically useless trunk and it's load capacity is a pathetic 400 kg (not even including passengers!!!). Hence the Phaeton catches up again and ends up winning this comparison with 490 points (Lexus 469 points).

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Lexus LS460 vs Volkswagen Phaeton 4.2 V8 4Motion

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