We are all wondering just how much horsepower the upcoming RS6 is going to have.

But first let's recap.

What do we know about it already?
- 6-speed ZF transmission 100ms
- V10 twin-turbo
- even more luxurious interior
- typical RS-styling (alu mirrors, RS-dials, oval exhausts, ..)
- redline at 6800-6900 rpm
- bigger and stronger brakes (Audi Ceramic will probably be an option)
- there will be a Plus version and an Avant

Ok, I'm not making this up but from a very reliable source I can tell you the next RS6 is going to have 579 horsepower!

Look, some Audi-insiders should recognise this:

RS6 5.0:
AUDI AG 4F 7967 AAJ 21 N31 N30 579 426 5002

RS6 5.0 Avant:
AUDI AG 4F 7967 AAK 21 N31 N30 579 426 5002

579 = 579 hp
426 = 426 kW
5002 = 5002 ccm

As mentioned before there will be a Plus version later on. Estimates are 620-635 horsepower. (seems a bit too high for me)

But there is more! The RS6 engine will also find its way to the R8 V10! Can you image the performance?

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