We call "garage queens" the cars that spend most of their lives in garages, rarely stretching their legs, as the owners are afraid not to cause a devaluation in case they want to eventually sell them. But how do you call a car that spends its life in a luxury apartment on the 58th floor?
A 1957 Porsche 356 Speedster was craned up into one of the highest floors of the all-new Butterfly building in Vancouver, Canada. The passersby stopped and stared, while some took their phones out to photograph the Porsche flying over the city and into the penthouse on floor 58.
The vehicle was strapped to a platform before it was hauled up into the sky. The crane flew it all the way to the penthouse on the top floor. It will sit in the living room of the luxury condominium of the Butterfly building, with spectacular views over Vancouver.
The Butterfly is a 556-foot-tall skyscraper, one of the tallest in the city. It actually looks the tallest, because it is built on higher ground, but it is only the third.

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Man Wants His  Porsche 356 In The Living Room - Has A Crane Lift It 58 Floors Up

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