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Good news! If you've ever wanted to buy a bag full of oil, your wait is almost over. Universal Lubricants will begin selling their Eco Ultra brand of recycled oil in the same kind of pouches your kids drink juice out of.

According to Universal Lubricants, these pouches are more environmentally friendly than the standard HDPE bottles most oil is sold in. Pouches take less raw material to produce, and fold flat after use so they take up less space in landfills.

According to the pouch manufacturer's website, another key benefit of pouches is that it's easier to print detailed designs on a pouch than it is on a traditional bottle.

Finally, these pouches are easier to pour from if you're stuck without a funnel.

Of course, durability is a concern, but Universal Lubricants says the pouches can survive a fall from a height "in excess" of 20 feet.

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Motor Oil To Be Sold in Pouches Instead of Bottles

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