Fingers are being pointed at Tesla’s lack of radar for its Autopilot automated driving system as the potential cause for two fatal crashes on highways involving motorcyclists at night. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is now investigating these two separate instances of Teslas striking motorcyclists to determine if Autopilot was enabled when they occurred or if driver error is to blame.


It is not mentioned in the AP News source article whether any of these vehicles were part of the Full Self-Driving Beta program, but one of the Tesla drivers did say Autopilot was enabled at the time of the crash. Apparently the Tesla Model 3 on Autopilot didn’t notice the motorcyclist, riding a Harley-Davidson, and collided with the motorbike from behind, throwing the rider off his bike. This happened after midnight on July 24 on Interstate 15 in Utah.

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NHTSA Investigates Tesla For Two Possible Autopilot Motorcycle Deaths

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