By his own count -- and he admits he might be underestimating just how bad it really was -- Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie went through $5 million in his first two seasons in the NFL.

Poof. Just like that . . . all that cash -- which was almost all of the guaranteed money from his rookie contract with the San Diego Chargers -- and. . .

"Gone. Just gone," Cromartie said the other day during a conversation in the Jets' locker room.

The spending was non-stop: There were nine cars, two expensive homes, piles of jewelry, extravagant gifts and cash -- lots of cash -- to friends and family members who would simply ask, and shopping sprees that ran into the tens of thousands of dollars. Cromartie spent so much on so many things and so many people he can't even remember where it all went.

Take his automobile collection:

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NY Jets Cornerback Now Driving A Prius After Blowing Through $5 Million Dollars In Two Years

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