Today, we’re proud to announce the revolutionary new!

So what’s new?

Well, just about everything.

We have completed a full site upgrade, changed the design, added an easier user layout and eye-catching graphics.

But the big news is that we have acquired AutoCast Technology, a new web-based information ranking service, auto industry beware, now EVERYONE is an Auto Spy!

AutoCast Technology allows web users to read, review, post and rate popular automotive articles on, the leading insider automotive news website. The acquired technology brings together a social network of users that share an interest in the auto industry. When users find an automotive article online, they may post the article onto Other users may provide their own comment reviews about the article and give the article a “Boosted” ranking. Articles that generate frequent “Boosted” votes will be priority positioned on the homepage. Users may also receive keyword alert emails to let them know that an article of their interest has been posted on

“We’re delighted to be the first major auto site to offer these advanced capabilities to automotive enthusiasts around the world” said Founder Donald Buffamanti.

“AutoCast Technology puts users in the editorial driver seat. Instead of sifting through multiple websites to gather comprehensive information, users can visit and quickly find the best articles for their desired information,” noted Chip Grueter, creator of AutoCast Technology and founder of

You can post automotive news, stories, photos, videos, reviews or opinions for our audience of millions of readers. We will be giving away monthly prizes to contributors for the best stories and photographs.

As you can see, we made lots of changes but we also kept all the things you love about Auto Spies like our weekly newsletter. It will be EVEN BETTER!

So before we let you all get started, a couple of housekeeping notes:

To login for the first time use your email address for both the username AND the password.

Please follow the simple ‘Spy code of honor’ rules for posting/commenting:
1. We expect the same visitors who demand first class products and service from manufacturers, to be first class individuals themselves.
2. No self or business promotion allowed.
3. No pornography or inappropriate content allowed.
4. Be clear and to the point on headlines and stories.
5. Save people time by linking directly to the original news story.
6. Search First: Avoid duplication by searching to ensure no one has submitted the same story

And most of all, enjoy the new

*Special thanks to 004 for his amazing knowledge and passion for technology and!!!

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New puts web users in the editorial driver seat

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