One car that can be attributed to Hyundai's new found success in recent years was the company's last-generation Sonata. It was quite big, had a good amount of content on the cheap and it looked different.

While I was not completely sold on its looks, I will say it stood out from the crowd and had presence — something we've noted consumers like in this day and age. For Hyundai, these cars were FLYING off the lot and introduced a lot of people to the brand.

Of course the big problem is trying to follow this up. Chevrolet tried to follow up the last-gen Malibu, which was great, and it failed miserably. Did Hyundai make the same mistake? Find out in Consumer Reports' first impression below.

2014 New York Auto Show

The new Hyundai Sonata exchanges some style for more practicality, aiming right at the heart of the family sedan market. Don't worry, this Hyundai still remains a good value.

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2014 New York Auto Show

ONE Of America's MOST TRUSTED Sources Reviews The 2015 Hyundai Sonata — So, How'd It Do?

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