As we here in the USA are celebrating our independence and are enjoy the fruits of all our amazing blessings we reflect on the all the great people over the years that have made this country the BEST in the world.

George Washington, Ben Franklin, Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, Our military, etc., etc., etc.

Something about this country brings out exceptionalism.

The ultimate breeding ground for greatness.

And if you want to understand Americans (as over 1/3 of our readers are from OUTSIDE the USA) pay close attention to HOW we do our thing.

Although I'm trying to inject some good, fun humor here today in the end this real NAILS what it is to be American.

This is WHAT I think makes this country the best and I pray it never changes (becuase it IS changing and not for the better if you ask us) is that no matter what we set our mind to we believe it CAN be done and in even the dumbest things (like this Nathan's hot dog eating contest) the winners that still live here give their ALL.

Think about it...WHO else puts as hard an effort these days as a guy who TRAINS to set the world hot dog eating contest.

Not eating TEN dogs, not 20, not 30 but almost EIGHTY in ten minutes!

We are in AWE my friends.

Today we celebrate exceptionalism. What made this country the BEST on earth.

If YOU want to be the best, then learn from this. No matter WHAT you do, give your all and then some and no matter WHO tells you it cannot be done, SHOW THEM IT CAN!

People like him CANNOT be beaten.

Enjoy a GREAT 4th and tell us WHAT ride is the PERFECT one for the World Hot Dog eating champion, Joey Chestnut!
UPDATE! Joey wins his 8th contest in a ROW!!!!

On This 4th Of July As We Celebrate Our Exceptionalism We Ask the KEY Question. WHAT Would Joey Chestnut Drive?

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