Slowly but surely, any auto Paul Walker-related is coming out from hiding. While we know the AE Performance fleet was gradually being pieced out, it seems that cars related to the Fast & Furious franchise are making themselves known.

The latest to hit the auction block is a stunt car driven by Walker in the final scene of the first Fast & Furious movie.

Selling at a staggering $185,000, this Supra features a simple 3.0-liter six-cylinder producing 220 horsepower. Since it was a stunt car it is extremely reinforced and even features a proper roll cage. While I understand the Fast & Furious fandom is at an all-time high given Furious 7 is raking in the dough, I just don't see why anyone would pay so much for a stunt car that's clearly not the vehicle used in the marketing of the movie.

Check out the vehicle's stance, the brakes, etc.

Having said that, we'll take a wild guess that this vehicle will appear again on the auction circuit or find home in a museum. I doubt we'll be seeing it cruising down your local boulevard.

**For MORE information and pictures of this specific car, check out the Toyota Supra listing on Mecum's site.

...One of numerous Fast & Furious Supras built for the movie, this particular Supra was driven by officer Brian O’Connor (the late Paul Walker) in the final scene of the movie where Walker drag races Vin Diesel’s Dodge Charger across the railroad tracks, ending in a spectacular crash.

Modifications listed in by the auction house are as follows: “The car is equipped with a 2JZ-GE 3.0L/220 HP inline-6 engine and 5-speed manual transmission, with power augmented by twin Holley Performance nitrous oxide bottles mounted in the rear compartment (not attached). It has been expertly reinforced to withstand the rigors of stunt work, including heavy-duty suspension, a full roll cage, competition seats and a Jaz Products fuel cell. The Fast and The Furious fans will recognize the car’s Bomex body kit and APR wing, Dazz alloy wheels with Yokohama rubber and wild graphics by Modern Image of San Diego, California...

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